First evaluation of preliminary OLCI data in the California Current

OLCI ( ) is an advanced ocean color sensor launched by ESA in February, 2016 on the Sentinel-3 platform. In full resolution OLCI has ~300 m ground resolution with global coverage. OLCI products will have open access after the commissioning period. Here we present a preliminary evaluation of OLCI products by comparing them with respective products from MIODIS-Aqua and VIIRS.

2016/10/01 off San Francisco.  A comparison of OLCI with images from MODIS-Aqua (~1 km) and VIIRS (~0.7 km) from the same day. OLCI has better spatial resolution but more speckle noise at full resolution. All images are unmapped (Level-2) in native satellite-view projection.

MODISA, chlor_a, A2016275213000.L2_LAC_OC.x.chlor_a

VIIRS, chlor_a, V2016275213000.L2_SNPP_OC.x.chlor_a

OLCI, chl_oc4me, S3A_OL_2_WFR____20161001T181051_20161001T181351_20161001T205616_0179_009_198_2340_MAR_O_NR_001.SEN3


2016/10/10 off Baja California Sur, Mexico.  A subset of OLCI image from 2016/10/10 shows the fine spatial details of the coastal lagoons in Baja California Sur, particularly of the Magdalena bay in the center. MODIS-Aqua from 2016/10/7 (~1 km) image is too coarse to see the small-scale structures in the lagoons. The Baja Magdalena lagoon is near the bottom edge of the image. VIIRS image from 2016/10/10

MODISA, chlor_a, A2016281205000.L2_LAC_OC.x

VIIRS, chlor_a, V2016284201200.L2_SNPP_OC.x

OLCI, chl_oc4me, S3A_OL_2_WFR____20161010T174011_20161010T174311_20161010T193903_0179_009_326_2520_MAR_O_NR_001.SEN3